Thursday, June 05, 2008

Heidi's Plant Pep

Herbalist Heidi Herzberger, owner of Heidi's Plant Pep in Gilmanton, New Hampshire recently won a Women & Co. Boost Award from WREN. This year I am fortunate to photograph all of the winners, and Heidi was my first. Heidi has recently started making tea..and painstakingly irons the bags after she fills them by hand...I had a great time watching Heidi in her studio and in her garden. Congratulations!
Heidi giving her veggies some Plant Pep.
Tea bags....
Filling the tea bags.
The products...I love, love, love the colors she chose for her boxes!
When I got home, Sofia decided she really needed to check out the Plant Pep...she was very interested in the new smells!

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