Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wren Wings Workshop

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to teach a portrait photography WINGS class at WREN.
The girls ranged in ages 10-16 & all arrived toting their digital cameras. I showed them some examples of good portraits and crummy ones & then the got busy taking pictures of each other. I was amazed at how well the followed my advice and the photos they created.  Here are some pictures of the girls in action & some samples I took for them.

This is what I gave the girls (printed on a cute little cardstock, of course!).

Tips for Taking Fabulous Portraits
1) Take your time
2) Look at the background (anything coming out of your subject's head?)
3) Get up close and personal
4) Avoid the classic mug shot (unless your at a police department!)
5) Switch up your angles
6) Lower your aperture (depth of field)
7) Pay attention to light- avoid direct sun
8) Remember: Don't say cheese!

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